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Planet Incomac
INCOMAC S.r.l. has been founded in 1975 and therefore, has reached 42 years of uninterrupted activity. INCOMAC has the seat, since the foundation, in Montebelluna (Treviso), in the industrial district of North-East.

The working technology is high tech one: the Aluminum and Stainless steel cutting and folding lines , as well as the welding, are all computerized and integrated by a welding Robot with double station. This allows us to be extraordinarily flexible and to adequate to all the clients needs.

Since the foundation the INCOMAC beating heart was the technical staff specialist in the air conditioning and expert in the hygrometric treatment of the wood. Both knowledges allowed us , since the beginning, to solve successfully the complex problems regarding the wood drying. Our sales department , traveling in worldwide, has created a sale network with high specialized local partners. This allowed to Incomac to sell drying kilns in more than 50 countries of all 5 continents.

Today, Incomac has more than 10.000 kilns installed and functioning.

This is also the result of a continuous technological innovation and of scrupulous activity of design drying kilns with last generation and computerized machines. Each detail is studied and realize in order to minimize the problems which the operator can have.
With the arrival of the electronic devices the handle and the control of the drying process was simplified and the risks to damage the product were eliminated or reduced to minimum. Today, for our clients are available more than 1000 drying programs.